How to train toy store shopping guide

is now a lot of children’s growth can not be separated from the toy company, open a toy store to become the hope of many friends, but how to sell things after the shop, which is the work of the shopping guide. A good shopping guide can greatly enhance the performance of the store, so the toy franchisees should pay attention to the training of shopping guide, because the behavior of employees is directly related to the operation of the store.

store shopping guide training methods:

1, mutual learning enhancement method. This training method requires stores shopping guide in the daily work, mutual learning and exchange, and avoid weaknesses, improve the overall level of service, so as to improve the performance of retail. This kind of training can be organized by the retail store managers, in the daily work, do not have to organize time for training.

2, Professor training method. This kind of training method is by the specialized training teacher through the theory teaching, lets the staff master the specialized theory knowledge, like the consumer psychology, the professional ethics, the enterprise culture, the commodity knowledge, the service standard, the work standard and so on. This training can be done by a hernia school teacher or an enterprise management consulting organization.

3 conference method. This is a conventional technique of the retail management personnel training shop, the manager can use some daily sales conference and visit activities for the training of staff, to compare the training methods of economy, but also conducive to the cultivation of team spirit.

4, case analysis. This training method is usually the use of means of shooting, the clerk of the day’s work record, and then shop staff to see, find the place, and put forward the improvement measures. This method allows trainees to think actively, to find problems and answers, so as to effectively improve the ability of trainees to discover and solve problems.

toy store shopping guide staff daily work schedule

1, familiar with the service process, service skills and the correct use of various toys;

2, responsible for the toy store or toy bar desktop cleaning, sorting, toys and furnishings layout;

3, the right to quickly find customers want toys, and appropriate guidance to customers, but also at any time to provide customers with tea shop to provide customers with the best service;

4, familiar with the billing process;

5, familiar with toys, toys, toys and methods to help customers entertainment;

6, accept and complete the tasks assigned by the supervisor;

7, toy store shopping guide

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