How far can lose the price of millet phone

with the high growth rate of millet enterprises has been endless controversy, people can make millet love praise, but hate people are not a minority of millet. Corresponding to it is Rice noodles fancier and more black rice, millet mobile phone will not grab the futures "this is the most common pet phrase black rice.

Intelligent mobile phone market


3 millet price is 1999 yuan, millet and 2s  32GB price from 2299 yuan straight down 500 yuan, 1799 yuan positioning. Although RAM has maintained a consistent 2GB, but CPU, ROM screen, speed, battery configuration, overall workmanship and other aspects are fully beyond 3 millet millet 2S, but the price is only 200 yuan, not to mention that this pricing from the beginning is not reasonable.

millet 3 the same futures model, but wait until the time of the purchase of the crowd has been found, millet 3  not so high price, because even the Samsung S4, SONY Z1, G2 LG  these high-end mobile phone with lower prices, close to the millet high price point. Moreover, the difference in the time of the six months to the domestic mobile phone manufacturers to provide a number of changes, sex >

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