What about the lack of updates of goods

some shops, we can not say that it is not good, whether it is quality, or services, have been recognized by customers, however, sales of goods is still a straight line. The reason for such reasons, often because of the lack of updates of goods. So, once there is such a problem, the owners how to deal with it?

Lianshui County, Jiangsu Huaian city

High Town, with rich chicken cake. Two years ago, Zhang Yuhe working outside the home business, he aimed at the local market, he opened a grocery store, to sell chicken cake, and sell tobacco and non-staple food. Since the chicken cake is a local specialty, in the past is basically a small workshop production, put in the street retail.

and Zhang boss here is a window counter, or a health condition, the time also attracted a lot of customers, not only chicken cake sales do not worry, but also led to the sales of other goods. Is the boss to flex its muscles, expand the scale of operation of a big cake, chicken sales are in decline, struggling to cope with the boss Zhang not only to expand the business, but also reduced the sales of chicken cake counter.

there is such a result, the main reason is: first is the chicken cake taste on this single, a poor sense of smell, followed by the news; some people say that raw materials chicken cake there are hazards to humans; although do chicken cake, potato powder as main raw material is special but here, Zhang boss propaganda work has not keep up; another is chicken cake belongs to local delicacies, short shelf life, no packaging, is not conducive to long-distance transport, and for a long time will spoil.

analysis of

analyst: retail customer He Jun


mode of operation in our retail business often encountered, there are many retail customers are fond of some traditional brands, these brands have experienced brilliant, and was once loved by consumers, in the past have relatively stable sales in the market, therefore, our retail customers also hold the experience of acting genzhaoganjiaozou. But the terminal market is changing rapidly, because of the emergence of competitive brands and similar products, and the old brand of sales, product packaging, advertising and other years unchanged, the market is gradually shrinking state.

at this time, our retail customers, if still as old as the old behavior, it is likely to eat this kind of product loss, sometimes, not only do not go on the sales volume, but also pressure library, to bring their own losses. And some of our retail customers for the sale of such goods is also a headache, the shelves are also on the shelves, the introduction is also introduced, that is, customers do not recognize, not on the sales.

retail customers a powerful weapon: peer Wei

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