The mayor of Changle is being investigated

rapid development of economy, the improvement of living standard, let many people forget the danger! Some officials, not only did not do a good job on hand, but also caused a bad influence of corruption. Below we look at the situation of Changle mayor sacked.

Fujian, Changle Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Song alleged serious violation, the organization is currently undergoing investigation.

Changle municipal government official website, Wang Song 1984.9 to 1988.7 Xiamen University Institute of political science and political science majors; 1993.2 ~ 1996.3 of the Fuzhou Municipal Committee and staff from 1996.3 to 1996.9; the Fuzhou Municipal Committee and deputy director of the Department of case supervision and coordination; 1996.9 ~ 1998.1 Fuzhou City Drum district government office of the deputy director; director of deputy director of the Fuzhou government from 1998.1 to 2002.5 Gulou District Office and spa park management office;

2002.5 ~ 2010.3 party members, deputy director of Fuzhou city land development center; 2010.3 ~ 2013.9 in Fuzhou City Land Development Center Deputy Party Secretary, director; 2013.9 ~ 2014.1 Changle Municipal Committee, municipal government and party secretary, the mayor; 2014.1 has served as Deputy Secretary of Changle Municipal Committee, municipal government and party secretary, mayor. The scope of the division of labor is to preside over the overall work of the municipal government, in charge of personnel, preparation, finance, auditing, supervision, land and resources work.

the overall improvement of living standards, but I can not forget the party before the hard years, honest style to get the hearts of the masses, in order to allow their long-term stability. A moment of greed, will only destroy themselves, you need to think twice!

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