New Oriental Yu Minhong entrepreneurial story

many young people want to start a business, then it is not difficult to do poineering work? Here let us pay close attention to the New Oriental teacher Yu Minhong entrepreneurial story, I hope young people can benefit from the experience of the young entrepreneurs to provide reference!

to grab the "red chip"

2006 September 7th evening 9:25, New Oriental Education and Technology Group in the New York Stock Exchange hit the stock market bell. A way of singing "from despair to find hope, life will be brilliant" teacher Yu Minhong, finally led the New Oriental success listed in September 8th, and Gangka red chip companies listed overseas "time window" before folding. It is estimated that after the listing, 44 year old Yu Minhong assets of at least $121 million, can be described as China’s richest teacher".

"his most appreciated point is to help tens of thousands of young people to achieve the dream of going abroad." A "returnees" fund manager Yu Minhong filed is gratitude. He was a student in the new year in 1998-1999, the summer vacation every day riding a new car is located in the North Fourth Ring Road, Beijing headquarters TOEFL Training class.

It is short of New Oriental

How will

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