National Undergraduate nnovation and entrepreneurship alliance was formally established

although college students venture is a very risky thing, but there are a lot of people put into it. In order to encourage and help college students innovation and entrepreneurship, to solve the employment problem, many units jointly founded the national college students innovation and entrepreneurship alliance, for the national university students and business services.

held on the evening of November 17th of the fourteenth "Challenge Cup" national university student extracurricular academic contest finals at the opening ceremony of the National College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the "alliance") was officially inaugurated.

the CYL Central Committee Secretary Fu Zhenbang pointed out that the establishment of the National College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship alliance, is the background of public entrepreneurship peoples innovation, an important measure to further service the Communist Youth League college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship, which is of great significance for promoting college students’ employment work. He stressed that the development of the alliance to grasp the "who", the alliance built powerful carrier of all kinds of condensed college students’ innovative entrepreneurs, to grasp the "what service", the core needs of outstanding entrepreneurs and service innovation, grasp the "how to service", enhance the service supply coverage and effectiveness. Alliance to further establish and improve the organization and working institutions, give full play to the role of the various members and relevant organizations, to promote the formation of innovation and entrepreneurial work force.

it is reported that the alliance is innovation and entrepreneurship students union national guidance by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the National Federation, mainly composed of college students associations, regional organizations, innovation and Entrepreneurship of College Students’ innovation and Entrepreneurship of College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship and innovation and entrepreneurship students concern and support of relevant organizations and individuals, in order to promote the new platform of the new mechanism of College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship in a nationwide, better cohesion forces, to better serve the college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship.

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