The government of Hubei Province Shanghai and Zhejiang two research organization innovation platfor

innovative work can not relax, this is the plan for the economic development, but also for the development Chinese 2016. Therefore, the government of Hubei Province, Shanghai and Zhejiang two research organization innovation platform construction and development.

3 22 -23 June, by the Hubei provincial government deputy secretary general Liu Zhongchu led the provincial science and technology department deputy director Peng Quan, the provincial government office of the Secretary of the six department, the provincial science and technology department coordination office of the person in charge of a line of 6 people went to Shanghai, Zhejiang investigation, investigation to understand the development of innovation and entrepreneurship, learning both in speeding up innovation and entrepreneurship platform construction, the successful experience and effective practices to promote the development of innovation driven.

3 22 afternoon, the delegation first went to Shanghai Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone visit survey, in the area of exhibition center, a comprehensive understanding of the construction of the demonstration zone development, followed by a visit to the Shanghai "Powerise space" (ISPCE) and the discussion.

3 on 23 May, the delegation went to Zhejiang field research visits dream town, Hangzhou future science and Technology City, and in Zhejiang province science and Technology Department held a forum. Qiu Feizhang, deputy director of the Zhejiang provincial science and Technology Department of the office of the basic situation of innovation and entrepreneurship are briefly introduced.

in the understanding of Zhejiang science and technology innovation work, deputy secretary general Liu Zhongchu said that Zhejiang is China’s reform and opening up, institutional mechanisms have obvious advantages, a strong economic development vitality, occupies an important position in the national overall development pattern.



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