College students to open an online shop to achieve the dream of millions of wealth

is now a college student entrepreneurship is a hot topic, college students to open an online shop prospects? Many people are asking this question. College students online shop, 5000 yuan started earning millions! How did he succeed? Let’s listen to the story of Hu Ruiwen.

School of Journalism and communication at Henan University

the online business shop, 5000 yuan a month started to make millions! She noticed a skin care products on the Internet, the Asia Pacific region is called the general agent doll. Through the trial Hu Ruiwen feel good, she decided to act on this product. Concerned about the information she found purchases cost is very high, multiple visits by Hu Ruiwen, find a reputable best and cheapest transportation company. The doll is very touched, so an exception agreed to help Hu Ruiwen send goods to customers in mainland china.

2013 in November Hu Ruiwen opened a shop on the Internet, specifically for this skin care products. "At the end of last year, I found a lot of celebrities and supermodel started this brand endorsements, I have a feeling that this product could fire, decisively won the Zhengzhou general agent." Hu Ruiwen said confidently.

the online business shop, 5000 yuan a month started to make millions! "People worry girl, big, and her dad did not let me worry." Hu mother said, Rui Wen will bring them some unexpected surprise, she told us that when I and her father retired on the lead us together to travel around the world."

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