How to get out of the plight of the shortage of funds

for many entrepreneurs, it is not difficult to find business opportunities, it is not difficult to operate and manage, but also the problem of shortage of funds. Indeed, many entrepreneurs will encounter this kind of situation, prepare enough start-up funds, often a change of plans, encounter the problem of shortage of funds in the entrepreneurial way, this time is the most effective way for people to borrow money, then how can we get the money? How to get out of the plight of the shortage of funds? Let’s take a look.

1. trustworthy in order to borrow money, continue to accumulate credit record

only often borrow in time also the people most likely to borrow money. Your credit record is of great value to your future financial investment.

2. no matter who borrowed money to pay interest

you borrow money in order to earn more money, so pay interest is as unalterable principles. Don’t stop your expansion because of interest!

3. interest is too high and too low are not suitable for

to relatives and friends and folk lending money to become a major source of financing. According to the current market conditions, to relatives and friends to borrow money at an annual interest rate of 10% – 15%. Of course, the interest rate as low as possible, but if the monthly interest rate of less than 5 per thousand is very difficult to borrow money. And if the interest rate is higher than 20%, you must carefully calculate your repayment ability. Or it may not pay off.

4. must explain to creditors the purpose of borrowing and expected repayment capacity

5. increase the number of candidates available for loans

can raise to many people, if a friend to open one or two relatives borrowed 100 thousand yuan, 10 thousand yuan might not have borrowed.

6. is best not to feed the chicken people to borrow chicken

"programs" to look at the object, it is best to absorb idle funds and to those who will deposit the money into the bank to borrow.

How to get out of capital shortage


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