Join Q8 doulao small Hot pot remove fortune and wealth

hot pot is one of the most famous Chinese food, which is popular with the public. Hot pot varieties in our country, in the south, there is a doulao named "Hot pot, the fish" homophonic, meaning out of money, fishing, fishing Fu transport, a mouthful of color. Doulao small Hot pot to the north, become prosperous in the choice of business to join the Hot pot.

Q8 small doulao Hot pot to join the brand, health and nutrition, natural free, novel form, convenient and economic, the bar seating, make people eating stomach stretch, avoid eating a traditional low seat high pressure caused the stomach bloating, indigestion or stomach problems.


small Hot pot franchise doulao

1, a certain investment ability, and has the ability to independently assume civil liability of natural persons or corporate. Q8 doulao franchisees need to have Hot pot small entrepreneurial passion, good business reputation and common development of confidence.

2, Q8 doulao small Hot pot franchisee must have the consciousness of brand and service, have a long-term vision of development. For Q8 doulao small Hot pot stores business premises.

3, good local social relations, willing to devote themselves to the food and beverage industry. Willing to accept the management, Q8 doulao headquarters of the headquarters of the small Hot pot approval management system.


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