Sichuan released a new deal to push back to migrant workers Entrepreneurship

wants to attract some farmers in their home business entrepreneurship activities now, the government will need to introduce some new business policy in Sichuan in order to promote farmer entrepreneurship has introduced many measures.

"opinions" to encourage the comparative advantage has been successful entrepreneurial migrant workers and farmers entrepreneurs make full use of resources and elements of the home, for the industrial transfer to the home and then re start. To encourage migrant workers have accumulated some capital, technology and management experience of farmers and entrepreneurs, conform to the upgrading of consumption structure and industrial structure of the home market demand, the small window, small workshops to upgrade to specialty stores and chain stores, brand stores. Support for migrant workers and farmers entrepreneurs play not only familiar with the overseas market and familiar hometown resource advantages, the development of modern business leveraging "Internet plus" information technology, to achieve docking of local products and foreign market.

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