To open a company to make money will easily do errands

open a company to run errands, that sounds like a business is very good, it also has a good market, money seems very relaxed. Then, an errand company will make money easily? Let Xiaobian bring you together to know.

Hangzhou two months out of 8 paotui agencies, the market demand is how much most just earn some hard-earned money, it’s important to do this line of work.

Analysis of 8 companies are running errands] what is the


At midnight

made for a soft bag addiction, "Abba", was a top coat, 300 meters away from the convenience store to buy into the cold winter wind at night.

if someone can send a smoke door, it is estimated that there are a lot of friends willing to pay double the price. Of course, in addition to smoke, and instant noodles, fast food, air, flowers etc.. This year, people are very busy, empty instead of lazy. Lazy busy people, have a special service for the new industry, the company to run errands.


started in November last year, Hangzhou’s errand company will emerge one after another, listen to insiders, so far has more than 8, and this does not include those domestic companies to run errands business. And before this, Wenzhou, Ningbo, Taizhou and other places there have been a lot of big and small "errands" company.

"errands" range is expanding, from help to buy this buy that, to apologize, generation generation queue occupying generation generation, driving, shopping, paying a fine…… Those lazy people need, the company to run errands all thought. Once there is a young man who sent invitations, occupation.

look easy, it is very tired to run errands company problems many


is a new industry, everything can only be feeling the stones, not as long as the legs, can run errands company.

from the current situation, the biggest problem facing the company to run errands three:

is not the first "m" pot, don’t look at the name card, website, service project brim, as long as you can think of, they are willing to run, but the actual real acceptance by the consumer of the project is one of the few, mainly concentrated in the hospital outpatient registration, fast food delivery, and the end of the year to buy tickets, send the parcel. The number is not much.

followed by pricing difficult. Run a leg to do something in the end how much money? For everyone is not the same, there is no reference standards, there will be many uncertainties. For example, to help customers go to the post office to send a parcel, 5 kilometers back and forth on the road, but because many people at the end of the year, the light line at the post office spent more than 2 hours. >

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