Six ways to help you improve the current situation of sluggish sales

believes that many entrepreneurs have encountered unsalable goods situation, this time not to worry, not just by the sales policy, so how to quickly improve the situation? Do these six points can be.

and many businesses to overcome them encountered in the process of growing challenges, found a problem with these companies is a headache is how to deal with their own sales in the process. Unless you understand how sales are generated, you will not be able to effectively plan sales and achieve growth.


1. collect correct intelligence

the establishment of an effective sales process needs to collect correct information about the target customers. If you are in a start-up business, only a small sales team, which may be a challenge. In order to ensure the efficiency of the target customer sales tools are very worthy of investment.

consider similar to SalesLoft or SalesGenie like platform. Automatically create list of these target customer sales tools will use social media and other third party sources of power, and to synchronize contacts on your CRM system information directly, improve the overall sales of your success rate.

2. using automated

once the sales process is in full swing, you can rely on marketing automation tools regularly contact your target customers, and use them to remind you when the sales staff should follow up. The rule of thumb is that it takes seven times for a customer to remember you or your company, and contact more than seventeen times to make a purchase decision.

You can use

3. expand the scale of

to expand the scale of time, hire several full-time sales staff may not help what. You may only need to provide specific activities for your team or launch new product activities.

4. provides visibility

pipedrive and Zoho are base >

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