Yangtze River Delta colleges and universities to promote innovation and Entrepreneurship

now attaches great importance to the college students entrepreneurs at the same time, some innovation and entrepreneurship continue to accelerate the reform of colleges and universities, in order to promote college students more to achieve business goals, at the same time, but also enhance the students’ confidence in their business a.

8 17 to 18, the Yangtze River Delta regional innovation and entrepreneurship education reform seminar held in Hefei. Vice governor Yang Zhenchao attended the meeting and delivered a speech, Deputy Minister of education for the theme of the report, Lin Huiqing. Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other provinces and the education sector as well as some colleges and universities to participate in the meeting attended the seminar.

During the meeting, also held a

to strengthen college students education reform in some colleges and universities, in order to develop more suitable for the demand of the development of the times innovative entrepreneurs, has now become a thing many universities are doing, so this kind of seminars is very meaningful.


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