Retail stores can rely on the advantages of the development of large customers

compared to the huge number of tourists, a large customer can earn profit is very rich, so, for the numerous retail store owner, has been learning how to develop more customers. In fact, the characteristics of signs, different to give people the same feeling, in order to attract more customers to patronize. The situation of each shop is different, the characteristics are different, if we can fully tap the characteristics of their own shops and fully use it, then we are also very useful for the development of large customers.

my shop is located in downtown area, road traffic is very convenient. In order to develop large customers, I spent a lot of effort in the image of the store, and strive to use image features to attract large customers to patronize.   you know, the procurement of goods customers pay great attention to the image of the store, there are two main reasons: one is that they believe the shop business scale, to provide quality products and services to customers; two is to purchase in these shops can show their own economic strength.

based on the above consideration, I invested two million yuan) to the store for a more luxurious decoration, a street where the most beautiful, most stores characteristic. The use of this unique advantage, I brought a lot of business, especially large customers are very happy to go to my shop for commodity procurement.

in addition to the image of the store, I also pay attention to the characteristics of goods. I have contact with the major customers are more economic strength, when they are back to the holiday season, the number of workers to pay for the benefits of the unit. However, due to the festival is always so kind of welfare, there is no feature, so that some large customers are not satisfied. In order to explore the characteristics, I often go to the countryside to neighboring counties to collect some jujube, wild fungus, dried vegetables and other agricultural and sideline products and native products, from time to time to give them a "taste", the results of this approach has received good results, customers are more willing to come to my shop to purchase.

in contact with customers, I learned that they also pay great attention to corporate social image. In order to increase and the customer relationship and I make full use of mining shop features, to provide best publicity opportunities for them. At the beginning of last October, I use the National Day holiday held the ten anniversary of the anniversary. On the campaign site, I put the names of the names of my major clients in the form of sponsorship units in the propaganda column. This free advertising, more won their favor, more deeply the feelings between each other.

features a store can in fact there are many aspects of performance, and in addition to the above Xiaobian described the content, characteristics and the many aspects, such as service characteristics, business characteristics etc.. It can be said, as long as it is out of the ordinary things, have a unique style, belong to their own characteristics. In operation, as long as I

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