Taobao the mperial Palace do business to become a super red net

in the mobile Internet era, although the the Imperial Palace Museum in the Forbidden City, but the the Imperial Palace Taobao has taken a stream of rapid invasion of the US, this adorable cheap wind could spread a get out of hand. For the future, we are full of expectations, the amount of fans on Taobao in the Imperial Palace is a network of red, do not forget the product is the core strategy of the popular



July 2016, a "crossing the the Imperial Palace to see you" H5 hot circle of friends, a painting from the emperor came to sing Rap, ladies wearing VR, with QQ expression, brush circle of friends…… This is the Tencent NEXT IDEAx the Imperial Palace QQ expression contest propaganda, in this popular rhythm, a face Meng cheap emperor let the people hi up!

in fact, we do not know the the Imperial Palace because of this H5, of course, to give us the memory of the Imperial Palace and today will sell Meng emperor is completely different, authoritative, solemn, cultural, royal, brilliant…… And so on, there will be no one with the "interesting" related, but these two years, a the Imperial Palace Taobao let us shine, this is not the the Imperial Palace, the product, but it has become a burst of


as of December 2015, the Imperial Palace Museum a total of 8683 research and development of cultural and creative products, including clothing, pottery, porcelain, paintings and other series of products, involving jewelry, bags, umbrellas, Keychains, tie, 2015 turnover of more than 1 billion yuan, in August 2015, the the Imperial Palace Taobao online sales, the first hour, 1500 mobile phone announced sold out within a day 16 thousand single transaction. The the Imperial Palace Taobao WeChat public number, those interesting "advertising" is also "100 thousand + sylvia".

why the Imperial Palace Taobao can be so hot? How do they create this burst of IP?


to the user from the brand, product, between the triangle need interesting connection, not in the changing period of user, product preferences on product information cognition are different, the the Imperial Palace how Taobao is hot, the figure will be the relationship between the three from the "the Imperial Palace Museum" to "the Imperial Palace Taobao" is analyzed entertainment products, and younger users are driving the Imperial Palace cultural and creative products hot core.

specific analysis is as follows:

first, brand friendly

the Imperial Palace is to Beijing tourists must, in addition to travel to visit, more of the Imperial Palace is the history of education in the context of learning, visit the Imperial Palace, more transfer to the user are historical stories, and the user connection is formed between a sense of distance. However, the "the Imperial Palace Taobao" after the emergence of the sense of distance in quickly shortened, from the Imperial Palace Museum user data, young people under the age of 12 is an important part of the crowd, in the middle is 25-50 year old population is the mainstream, the Imperial Palace and Taobao, precisely in the middle aged 25-34 >

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