Jingdong and Suning’s new round of price war is a gimmick or combat

this morning, turn on the TV and I see the financial channel reported on the Jingdong and Suning price war, and the cycle of interview with Li Bin and Liu Qiang east. Price war have been really busy at the same time, I think most consumers may be for the case yesterday didn’t know the details, so quote a shopping assistant monitoring data to explain, as of 15 May 11, the Jingdong’s commodity price of 3496 yuan, down 53 yuan compared to 10 o’clock; Suning commodity price is 3298 yuan 10 o’clock, compared to down 22 yuan. Within 1 hours, Jingdong price adjustment of 19%, Suning price adjustment of 17%, the decline has been significantly less than the previous 1 hours.

through a series of data show that the price war Jingdong and Suning said that done, trying to beat each other, Suning is said that all product prices are lower than the suning.com Jingdong, has completed transactions to detect and report the consumer can get two times the price of compensation. But in this with vigour and vitality to please the user in the price war, Suning the rear is not very awesome, on the morning of 15, Suning shares all the way down, as of midday closing, Suning Appliance fell 3.40%, to close at 5.68 yuan, half day turnover of 339 million yuan. Liu Qiangdong this is a joke, the stock price 1.27 yuan 5.68 yuan Suning real distance is still a long way? So we have to wonder about the Jingdong and Suning, the new round of price war in the end of combat or a gimmick, if it is real, what benefits, if it is a gimmick, but also for what consideration.

appliance manufacturers generally do not optimistic about the price war, Li Guoqing bluntly Jingdong engage in gimmicks

when the Jingdong in the heats, the supplier can sit. As everyone knows, Jingdong is just a sales channel, and does not have its own brand, all its price advantage depends entirely on the supplier’s support, in other words, the price war is the most affected their suppliers, which many suppliers have express their dissatisfaction.

Hisense marketing head of the Department of the Soviet Union made it clear to reporters, if the Jingdong engaged in such a low price promotions, not for suppliers to consider, then Hisense will stop cooperation with Jingdong.

Haier relevant person in charge said it would not stop because of the price war and Jingdong cooperation, but do not agree to continue to engage in such activities in the future.


and TCL marketing department responsible people have said the price war without benefit to their own brand building, have very low profit in the home appliance industry, a price war Gesanchaiwu is one disaster after another.

so it seems that the Jingdong had a home appliance supplier support price war to continue, while the investment is more senior staff exhorts Liu Qiangdong to do a real businessman, marketing to rely on such a defeated opponent, is actually in the loss of social wealth, not worth promoting. In this regard, Li Guoqing (Dangdang CEO) is more bluntly Jingdong’s price war is simply a gimmick, because the claimed that the Jingdong must ensure that all the electricity than Gome and Suning prices to be cheap 10>

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