Baidu open terminal adaptation service to web developers

for mobile phone users a better browsing experience, web developers usually for mobile terminal equipment for different pages of different versions; while the number of domestic mobile phone users has reached 356 million, the end user has all kinds of. Want to accurately determine each user is suitable for browsing what kind of page, is also a complicated big project.

for Tencent such as Baidu, the strength of these internet giants, this should be a relatively mature technology base; while for ordinary site developers, this is really a troubling thing. However, Baidu has recently brought a good news to developers, they have their own terminal adaptation services open, and in the form of API landing Baidu developer center.

now third party site developers only need to call terminal adapter API to complete the development, you can access to the terminal access to the user’s accurate information, but also access to the layout format recommendations. Then, according to the information, the mobile page Jump is implemented on the site server. Specific workflow as follows:


this service is mainly to help determine whether the site is a source of access to PC or mobile phone, if it is a mobile phone, it will be based on the operating system, browser, vendors, models and other information to the publication of recommendations. Baidu defines a minimalist Version (WML), colorful Edition (middle), touch screen version (big), the high-end machine short version (utouch), the high-end machine dazzle Version (iPhone) and other five mobile phone layout, if the site does not provide so many versions, can do down adaptation. In addition, according to the terminal information provided by the terminal adaptation services, targeted to develop suitable for their own products.

Baidu in recent years more and more talking about the "open", they also hope that through their own open platform, let cloud processing power to bring convenience for third party developers, and build their own eco system. Mobile terminal adaptation service is only a small part of the opening, we are expected to be held in September 3rd, Baidu world 2012 conference to see more highlights.

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