Beijing police cracked the first case of DDOS hacking attacks Photos


recently, the Beijing police traveled to Shanghai and finally computer hackers Lee and other 4 people arrested. Investigators have not returned home for more than a month. Lee 4 people founded a company selling firewall, in order to expand their business, they will be able to use the computer on the other black company computer, in order to promote their own firewall. It is understood that the case is the first case of Beijing police cracked the case of the implementation of DDOS attacks.

in May this year, the Municipal Public Security Bureau network monitoring department received the network game operators Lianzhong company reported, the company hosted in Beijing, Shanghai, Shijiazhuang, many servers suffered large flow DDOS 2 million different degrees of denial of service attack packets, for nearly a month, the company economic losses amounting to millions of dollars. Because of the company’s computer server paralysis, players can not log on to the site to play online games. Company engineers have tried to modify the IP address of the server to be attacked to avoid attacks, but 5 minutes after the attack immediately turned to change the IP server. Police investigation found that these attacks, IP source is forged 218XXX and 219XXX segment.



police seized a large number of computer equipment.



Lee captured in Shanghai.

police learned that this year at the end of 4, in the Lianzhong company by the unknown attacks, a technology company in Shanghai responsible person Luo initiative and Lianzhong made contact, the firewall equipment sales price of millions of dollars in its research and development. Then the police began to investigate, within a month, the police involved in the investigation of the case did not go home to rest, devoted to the detection of cases. A group of investigators also went to Shanghai investigation, Luo, hackers will eventually Master Lee and other 4 people arrested.

it is understood that in addition to Lianzhong company, they also to Beijing, Hangzhou more than the network game operators computer server to launch cyber attacks. Once the attack is successful, the company sells its own equipment to the attack.

Luo, Lee and other 4 people on suspicion of destruction of computer information systems have been approved by the Haidian procuratorate arrest.

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DDOS attack concept

DDOS attack is the use of reasonable service requests to take up too much of the service resources, so that legitimate users can not get the service response.

      note: This is a news review, hoping to provide some reference for future network legislation. The destroyer punish network attack.

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