Terry Gou Tmall sprint cheap machine run Jingdong millet

just wrote Terry Gou by an eight screen network cloud blueprint for Foxconn beyond OEM bedding. I did not expect, it’s a subsidiary of the rich wisdom Kang (Foxconn renamed after the continuation of the company) will soon engage in an update, it seems, may be more ruthless.

a very reliable mobile phone industry veteran said that this month, Kang Fu Chi will vigorously promote their control of the intelligent mobile phone brand name "infocus". Promote the implementation of the task, will be Fu Chi Kang’s B2C networking platform. It’s flagship store on Alibaba Tmall, will become the key push hands.

even said that even this hearsay, Terry Gou and Ma ditch by. This time, the price of similar products on the mainland, the intelligent mobile phone off, including the pride of millet.

this is a manufacturing giant to guards? It will bring what effect of


I’ll talk about it. It should pass Terry Gou’s sense of crisis. Over the past few years, the wisdom of being tied too deep apple, the mainland’s two key bases, Shenzhen and Zhengzhou are directly serving it, cash flow is high, but the net profit is not high. Fu Chi Kang is not shy to jump out of the situation is highly dependent on apple.

it is stepping up its efforts to attract mainland brands. Two days ago, President Tong Wenxin said that this year, the mainland accounted for more than half of customer revenue, in particular, want to fight for more than half of millet phone production to fight for more than. UBS report shows that 20% of HUAWEI’s orders are also in the hands of chile. No wonder some time ago Terry Gou has helped HUAWEI point praise.

but trapped low trend, the brand is more and more difficult to control the cost of millet before and Envada, wingtech cooperation, no choice Kang Fu Chi, not to mention the copycat brand. Those big brands such as Samsung, LG, Lenovo, etc., is to maintain an independent manufacturing industry.

should have said that this stage is very embarrassing. On the one hand, high cold, on the other hand, the lack of low-end brands to fill capacity.

earnings can also be seen. The loss of the year before last year, $310 million, and last year, but significantly reduced customer demand, revenue fell by $4 billion 990 million to $4.6%.

this is the rich wisdom by Tmall platform to strengthen the brand mobile phone marketing background. In fact, the first half of last year, it will develop a new strategy, the future will not only provide OEM manufacturing, but also to accelerate the extension of the brand operations, distribution, after-sales service. Mainland China is the first step of the new strategy landing.

that is, simple design and manufacturing services to make money, Terry Gou want to get benefits through the overall service. You may also be able to understand why he would have to take the Asia Pacific Telecom in any case, it can bring value-added services, accelerate the pace of product launch, and after many direct customer base.

I get the news is that, due to Apple’s domestic links and interests involved in more than FOTILE, rich wisdom can not intervene in Apple’s retail and after-sales service.

Fu Kang turned to other forces. InFocus is a American brand, "

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