Micro blog blocked thousands of sales of large garbage fans cleanup plan was malicious attacks

micro-blog blocked thousands of large scale garbage disposal program is malicious hackers to attack

[TechWeb] May 25th news reports, informed sources told TechWeb news, micro-blog in recent days continuous blocked thousands of marketing large, the reason is these accounts and behind the marketing company recently to manufacture large quantities of garbage fans, crazy brush powder, and rumors malicious attacks micro-blog fans garbage clean-up operations.

According to the official

account micro-blog administrator "announcement, micro-blog from the beginning of January 21st this year on the basis of routine anti spam, carry out the" total garbage cleanup plan for fans ", released through the machine volume registration, spam, phishing sites, false activities, participation behavior of the brush list account blocked frozen, allegedly, most of these accounts from providing powder brush gray business marketing company.

April 1st, micro-blog launched a comprehensive plan to clean up clean up garbage fans, and on the history of the stock of waste powder as of May 8th, 11 billion 130 million has to clean up the garbage, cleaning accounts covering orange V, blue V, a total of 506 thousand ordinary users. Including users of malicious concerns by the garbage fans, as well as individual users with active brushing behavior.

micro-blog comprehensive clean up garbage fans, will certainly cause some marketing companies to combat. Previously, a considerable number of enterprises in the marketing of micro-blog, has been staring at the growth in the amount of fans, resulting in a large number of market demand for powder, 50 yuan / million powder, 300 yuan /10 million powder…… All kinds of brush powder company not only destroyed the normal order of micro-blog marketing, but also caused a huge disturbance to the user. But with the garbage clean-up plan to start the fan, powder brush, water marketing as the main business of the marketing business suffered a great impact, not only in sales problems, making waste powder is more difficult, then began to counterattack crazy manufacturing waste powder and slops to the micro-blog platform.

According to people familiar with the matter, the micro-blog has blocked thousands of marketing numbers, and the future may take more stringent measures on the marketing account,

. However, in this round of the competition, some marketing companies in technology and public opinion to discredit micro-blog, mislead the users of micro-blog. For micro-blog, how to prevent malicious attacks, and constantly improve the technology to protect users from harassment, will face great challenges.