You only know that a small program a fire out of it but you do not know the ambition behind this Te

Abstract: due to limited small program itself, equal to all technology companies if involved, just as WeChat guide, develop habits of users, it is difficult to reap profits from their own. This small program will disappear in the circle of science and technology.

WeChat small program on-line

January 9th, the small program on the line is like a grand fireworks, less than a week, the public heat suddenly dropped to the freezing point. Developers are no longer enthusiastic, users are quietly removed before the App installed back, those who want to connect the line under the WeChat business, it may not know what happened from beginning to end.

of course, small program data should not be too bad. After all, the influence of Tencent and WeChat, as well as the success of the previous public numbers, will attract a large number of entrepreneurs eager to flow.


Baidu index, "the WeChat keywords small program" the search index reached 276257, while compared with the iPhone7 listed in September 8, 2016, the search index 2442074, HUAWEI mate9 at the November 15, 2016 Shanghai conference record of the 5100997 big gap. But it is WeChat four large: subscription number, service number, enterprise number, application number (small program) since the birth of the most prominent one.

in a small program on the line after a week, Luo and other enterprises to stop thinking about the development of small programs. Luo Zhenyu said, "we decided not to do it. We know what a small program is. Haha, but can not say."

announced in a number of companies to stop the development of small programs, Tencent public relations director Zhang Jun said on micro-blog, on the small program for what type of business, is not a strange thing. At the beginning, do not remind when the flow inlet, the line is the focus. Based on this understanding, someone into, someone out, and then no normal.

small program: let the flow of small partners want to be disappointed

on the surface, and most people understand, WeChat small procedure to promote the application, based on HTML5 (except small program) the other three large user experience, the development of at least a part of the HTML5 will be converted into a small program, will have some impact on the new cost and higher cost of development native App.


a lot of people know that WeChat is the first application of the small program number, and the other three WeChat subscription number, service number, enterprise number is actually a parallel system.

early in the morning of September 22, 2016, Zhang Xiaolong described WeChat as a "small program" issued in the circle of friends, and Ma Huateng explained the application of "message" was renamed "small program" — "apple so called application number, maybe it is good."

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