Stationmaster net broadcast daily chinahr com Amazon 10 years of negotiations failed the first loss

1, official accused of breaking the negotiations failed to suppress news


technology news January 31st morning news, employees compensation negotiations with the parent company Monster last night was scheduled to finalize the results, but has so far failed to reach agreement. headquarters in Beijing has been from the beginning of last night by a security guard, outsiders can not enter. At the same time, employees react to the company’s internal network is cut off, questioning the official attempt to block the message. CEO and Monster has yet to comment.

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The destruction of operation failure mode in

dilemma has been connected with disk: transaction price of $30 million or

2, Forbes: why investors favor Amazon apple

lead: risk investment and management consultant Peter · Cohen (Peter Cohan) on Wednesday in the "Forbes" website published an article that Amazon announced disappointing earnings, but the company’s share price rose 10%. Apple’s results exceeded expectations, but shares fell 12%. This is mainly because the two companies led to different strategies.

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3, Sina micro-blog commercialization controversy: promote information flow caused by questioning

to promote the flow of information may be a microcosm of the embarrassing situation of sina micro-blog. On the one hand, Sina hopes to achieve profitability as soon as possible, in order to be able to return on the capital market management, on the other hand, but had to face the situation of commercial blocked.

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4, APP brush list survey: big companies spend wuliushiwan list was divided by

through the brush list, they can make an otherwise No one shows any interest in the App application, in two or three hours, rushed to the apple App Store charts, so that customers developed by the company App have more chance to get the apple iPhone (parameter picture sample evaluation), note iPad users, and investors.

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