China clothing network announced the acquisition of 51% equity act as a go between network

station network (Admin5) July 8th news, Chinese apparel e-commerce portal Chinese clothing network ( announced today that it has completed the largest clothing designer community website "act as a go-between" international fashion information network ( acquisition, and the formation of the subsidiary of Shenzhen Zhongfu wire network science and technology limited company "based on holding 51%," act as a go-between "website and the former executives of the operation team remained unchanged.

It is reported that

, the site located in the fashion information and professional platform provider, service to provide inspiration, fashion, trend to design department store clothing enterprise monitoring, fashion style, technical details, design material and fashion information content. "Act as a go-between" clothing forum is the largest professional clothing forum, is a community platform, the domestic garment designers to communicate, but also provide the latest news international and domestic fashion design and a variety of popular information industry portal professional choice. At present, act as a go-between has nearly more than 330 thousand registered users, including clothing professional designers accounted for 82%, up 600 thousand page views on the independent amount of post professional fashion designers every day to reach 10 thousand and 2 more than a thousand, the highest record of fashion designers for 30463 people, users and content very high gold content.

it is understood that China clothing network was founded in 2001 by the "Chinese first" apparel e-commerce Liao Bin, is currently the largest domestic garment industry electronic commerce website, with a registered member companies 430 thousand, 5 million 200 thousand daily page views. In June 2007, the website was "A shares of Internet stocks Hi2000 (business, 002095) to acquire 51% holding about 10000000.

according to sources, Chinese clothing network in the fusion of Chinese clothing net, is currently the implementation of "Chinese clothing network platform" plan, intends to under the banner of the Chinese clothing net (B2B e-commerce), the network of Chinese clothing (industry media and Internet community), clothing (merchants), investment network China Garment Network (garment B2B downstream procurement chain) and many other vertical sites deep integration, to create the world’s largest apparel e-commerce fleet aircraft carrier "and industrial clusters.

According to the "

series Chinese vertical B2B market -2008 special report" shows the textile and apparel industry, textile and apparel industry to occupy the domestic industry vertical vertical B2B B2B 9.3% in number; and from the income scale, the total income of 2007 vertical B2B textile and apparel industry reached 77 million yuan, more is to occupy the entire market of 20.3% vertical B2B. It can be said that the vertical B2B of garment and textile industry is a better and more active market in the vertical industry B2B.

analysis and Forecast: in 2011 the textile and apparel industry vertical B2B market size will reach 470 million yuan, accounting for the overall size of the vertical B2B market will account for 22.6%.

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