PayPal global CEO mobile payment will eliminate the era of cryptography

just released in the second quarter of this year, eBay earnings, PayPal performance is much better than other business. PayPal revenue reached $1 billion 600 million, an increase of 21%, accounting for eBay group revenue of $42%. However, for PayPal, this is a time when opportunities and challenges coexist. Because, mobile payments come.

mobile payment will be a new battlefield, whether it is the local market, or the global cross-border market. In the United States, mobile commerce in the United States grew at a rate of 13%, China is the number of 60%. A PayPal global cross-border e-commerce report shows that 76% of the world’s five largest market consumers are willing to use more mobile terminal equipment to complete cross-border online transactions.

mobile payment pattern undecided. Google, apple, mobile payment company, Bank of new forces and operators to snatch, menacing. This allows the Internet to pay the world’s largest PayPal difficult to live safely.

, for example, rookie Square launched a mobile card reader, as well as Register and Pay Square, in the circle of mobile payment has been a lot of land. It also forces PayPal to make a quick change.

in July 6th, the central bank issued a third party payment license, PayPal did not get a license to pay the third party, and the same as the foreign prepaid card company Eden Reid was crowned. This allows PayPal’s personal payment products can not enter China, missed the opportunity to bring China’s 600 million Internet users.

days ago, this reporter an exclusive interview with PayPal global CEO David · Marcus (David Marcus). He elaborated on the concept of mobile payment trends, PayPal in the practice of mobile payments, as well as changes in the pattern of mobile payment industry.

mobile business grew rapidly

twenty-first Century: eBay has just issued a second quarter earnings, PayPal revenue growth is good. Among them, the mobile payment in the entire PayPal business which accounted for much?

David · Marcus: I just joined, moving income of less than $1 billion, the total revenue of 1%~2%, we are expected to reach $20 billion this year, this proportion has more than 10%, or even higher. In 3 years, turned over 20 times. This is a remarkable growth. I believe that mobile commerce will continue to grow. Because, in any case, the phone has become part of the transaction.

in the first quarter, the number of active registered accounts of PayPal increased by 4 million 700 thousand to reach 132 million, an increase of 17%.

twenty-first Century: PayPal launched a PayPal Here related hardware terminal, the future will introduce more hardware terminal to >

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