Railway Corporation unauthorized sale of train tickets on any website


Times News (reporter Han Xu) for the recent media on the part of the site to sell train tickets tying compulsory insurance coverage, Chinese Railway Corporation Transport Bureau relevant responsible person said in an interview with reporters yesterday, JINGWAH times, railway company without any website for sale for insurance business.

experience: Online tickets to buy 20 yuan insurance

recently, a number of travel sites to resume train tickets online purchasing service, causing widespread concern in the community. Yesterday, the reporter logged in some large tourist sites, experience its online ticketing business, found that the majority of sites using the ticket price + premium form.


opens a large domestic travel booking website, G11 high-speed rail ticket from Beijing to Shanghai in July 22nd, click on the "reservation", the price list shows a two seat adult fare is 553 yuan, but the total fare display is 573 yuan, including 20 yuan insurance.

"insurance" shows that the booking website provides 4 traffic accident insurance products, are provided by Chinese life insurance, Taikang Life Insurance, Xinhua life insurance, Pacific Life Insurance, 20 yuan of train accident insurance maximum payment of $500 thousand, under 18 years of age for the passengers, the high compensation does not exceed 100 thousand yuan. The insured amount, "insurance", 18 years (inclusive) above the passenger trips per person per purchase 5 copies of insurance under the age of 18, the purchase of 1 passengers.

reporter tried to order tickets not only the purchase of insurance, insurance and found the train ticket this 20 yuan Department of bundling, passengers in the coverage in the drop-down menu can only choose 1-5 these 5 numbers, can not choose 0 or not to buy. In other words, passengers must buy insurance to buy tickets. Subsequently, the reporter also found in another large travel booking sites, including 20 yuan fare in the total traffic accident insurance.

response: unauthorized websites selling train tickets

it is understood that last year launched a number of sites "ticket price + premium", "ticket + courier" online booking form, in the former Ministry of Railways issued a "railway department is not authorized or entrusted to any other sites for train tickets on sale or purchasing business" after the announcement, the website offers a train ticket. Business is suspended.

yesterday, the reporter contacted the China Railway Company Transport Bureau relevant responsible person, the responsible person said, the www.12306.cn website China railway customer service center is the only site direct sales China railroad train ticket. Up to now, China Railway Corporation has not authorized or commissioned any other website to carry out train ticket sale or purchasing service. 12306 when the ticket website does not charge any fees, but also a variety of insurance is not compulsory tying. As of now, Chinese railway company did not cooperate with any website offering insurance business outlets. Online booking in addition to train fares, do not charge any fees.


railway company to remind passengers to buy train tickets online, please look for the Chinese railway customer service.

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