Curse of the developed world why the nternet has stagnated for five years in Hongkong

Abstract: just five years, the mainland in the development of mobile Internet, electricity providers, mobile payment, O2O, shared economy, knowledge community, AI and VR/AR and other fields, has been far behind Hongkong.


last time I went to Hongkong or 2011.

WiFi subway in Hongkong to provide free, as well as many shops to provide free WiFi I was impressed by the basic network facilities in Hongkong is very developed, convenient for consumers. At that time, millet, routing and other intelligent routers have not yet appeared in the mainland on a business trip, many hotels do not even provide WiFi network services, the need to connect a cable can be used. I carry the bag, but also with a root for the use of Macbook Air to USB adapter cable network (Macbook Pro and the network interface, now all Apple laptops are not network interface), to prevent out of time and can not only provide with wired network access conditions.

New Year’s day this year, the company went to a trip to Hongkong, although only three days trip, but let me feel the development of the Internet in Hongkong almost stagnant, and almost no difference between the five years ago.

and these five years, the mainland in the mobile Internet, electricity providers, mobile payment, O2O, shared economy, knowledge community, AI and VR/AR and other areas of development, has been far behind Hongkong.

no cash can’t do anything in the first Hongkong is inconvenient. On the first day of the Hongkong, the company went to Victoria Harbour to travel by ship. A group of us went to the port when suddenly I heard someone shouting: "road Beichen" and "Beichen"


looked around, two colleagues taxi just to the port, they have a mobile phone, the octopus, a credit card, but the taxi cash only. When I see the like to see the Savior, I ran out to help them pay the fare.

the next few days, regardless of the restaurant on the roadside, or go to the fruit shop to buy fruit, or buy some daily necessities in the store, only with cash, some support for the octopus, but online payment and bank card penetration is very low.

mainland. The popularity of WeChat and Alipay to pay, please delivery staff purchasing a pack of cigarettes can use Alipay, buy a roasted sweet potato can be WeChat to pay even in the roadside; just like two years ago the United States Austen — only 800 thousand of the population of the southern city, even if you buy a hamburger on the roadside, man also can be pulled out a iPhone/iPad and a card reader, let you pay by credit card. In Beijing, I have put 100 dollars in cash a month are not spent, all meet the daily consumption of mobile payment. And I haven’t been to ATM for cash for a long time.

second strong feeling is that there is almost no O2O business in Hongkong, Hongkong does not

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