Peach what is network marketing

in the network marketing is neither a knowledge, nor a technology, but not an art. What is the network marketing? We are in the real network environment of enterprises, especially the network marketing has not yet begun (perhaps are want to start but not know how to start) of small and medium-sized enterprises should be how to deal with


network marketing is what we should have a general understanding, that is, network marketing is not what knowledge, technology, art, but with these three are inseparable. In fact, the network marketing and the general line of marketing is similar, the need for theoretical guidance, but also the need for artistic approach, and offline marketing is different from the network marketing also need more relevant technical support.

and offline marketing, network marketing also requires a lot of theoretical guidance. Although the theory of network marketing at present more or stay in like web design, search engines and other single theoretical level, has not formed its own theoretical system, but the network marketing once lost existing theoretical guidance, will be more without direction. Everyone will return to a few years ago that kind of crazy spam, crazy do garbage sites, garbage and so on stack keywords marketing practices of the times, will continue to use a lot of cheating, our network marketing will be in a vicious spiral.

so, the existing theory is not mature, but at least we have demonstrated that they are correct, we only use the correct theory to guide our network marketing work, we can not get into serious vicious spiral and unable to extricate themselves. The current era of network marketing is gradually out of the vicious cycle of misunderstanding, the network marketing environment in the direction of the better and better, the theoretical guidance is essential.

compared with offline marketing is special, after the network marketing marketing positions moved to the Internet, will need a lot of network related technical support, for example SEO technology, server technology and so on, if it is to pay special attention to the effect of network marketing, hope that their website can get what you want the best effect in the shortest period of time, I am afraid to put many technical force to support the effect of network marketing.

if there is no technical resources, in principle, also can not do network marketing, just your website may have no way to get the necessary search rankings, the site may be difficult to achieve the required flow, as a result, the purpose of selling things from the Internet to others may also have no way to complete. In other words, the effect of network marketing will be very poor, so that the rate of return is lower than the cost of marketing. This time, the network marketing will become a chicken ribs, food and tasteless, abandon the difficult pieces of


of course, network marketing is also closely connected with art, only art marketing practices, in order to make the effect of network marketing has been the biggest upgrade, can let us in short-term or long-term with the least cost to get the maximum return.

There are a lot of

marketing methods or techniques, network marketing is also

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