Gome planning electricity supplier in 2014 accounted for 15% of the market share of online shopping

Sina Technology News March 5th morning news, the United States, said the United States recently implemented a new organizational structure. The restructuring of the United States to strengthen the field of e-commerce. The United States and strive to achieve the group’s e-commerce in 2014 China’s online shopping market size of 15% target.

The basic idea of

the United States to adjust the structure and strategic planning is to establish the brand as the focus, procurement, sales and other business system division system as the core, to support the IT system of information technology, logistics, customer service, finance, human resources as the matrix organization structure of service platform.

president of the United States, said Wang Junzhou, this adjustment is more significant business center to change the division, and strengthen the United States in the field of e-commerce. Gome (micro-blog) have online shopping mall and Kuba shopping network dual brand, according to the United States to the United States to layout, and strive to achieve by 2014 group e-commerce accounted for 15% of the target China online shopping market scale.

industry sources said, the United States of the new organization design embodies the idea of the new business management, facing the challenge of global economic weakness, sluggish market demand for home appliances, home appliance retail companies are seeking to upgrade. Suning Appliance (micro-blog) chairman Zhang Jindong participated in the two sessions during the country had disclosed that Suning Appliance consider the electrical two words removed, Suning’s goal is to do WAL-MART + amazon". This year, Suning big investment e-commerce channels suning.com (micro-blog), according to the plan, 2012, Tesco operations team number will be expanded to 3000 people, achieved sales of 30 billion yuan target.

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