APP how to do marketing 22 famous for your help

lead: to create a mobile first business, allowing users to download and use your APP once again visit is not easy. This article quotes some outstanding entrepreneurs and marketers.


whether we live or work, we need inspiration every day, especially when you’re trying to build a successful business. As I’ve been through and what I’ve seen, it’s easy to get discouraged.

to create a moving ahead of the enterprise, the most difficult aspect is to allow customers to use your APP (download), and let them return again and again (retention).

in order to make the above two can be achieved, I extracted a number of outstanding entrepreneurs and marketers of quotations, in order to be able to bring inspiration for your mobile APP marketing.

1, "the content is all digital marketing of atomic particles." – Rebecca ·


2, "you have the right to pay attention when you are dealing with the most pressing needs of the customer." – Jack ·

Thoreau Kauffman

3, search engine optimization (SEO) without you too much consideration. When you do everything, it will come naturally." Chad · –

; pariet

4, do a good job in the key elements of content marketing is related." Jansen ·

5, "the site is your biggest asset. Most people browse your website." – Amanda · Sibley

6, "people tend to share, read, and access information from people they know and trust, such as friends." – Lu Siqi Mallory was ·

7, "an increasing number of mass marketing is gradually becoming a popular niche market." Chris ·

8, "focus on the core issues your business can solve, invest more in content, passion, and how to solve the problem." ·

– Lara Fitton;

9, "if you have more money than wisdom, you should focus on foreign marketing. If the contrary, it should focus on domestic marketing." Cover · Kawasaki

10, "you can’t expect to rely solely on text to attract visitors. It’s too passive." Anita ·

11, word of mouth marketing has always been the most important. Now, because of the power of the Internet, it is more important than the past." — Joe · Liz & ·;

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