Express payment collection chaos China Post remediation plan or difficult

postal service fund levy program is still under discussion, the courier industry to collect payment specification also started simultaneously. In February 20th, the reporter learned from many different sources, January, the State Post Bureau will start the "express payment collection service specification (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "the draft") to express enterprises and industry professionals to discuss, mainly on the express companies to collect money for remediation chaos.

according to the draft, engaged in the collection of payment of express delivery companies, will be in accordance with the relevant financial regulations, the collection of the loan business to regulate, and accept the supervision and management of the relevant departments.

"if too much administrative intervention, or not a good thing." Vice president of a courier company bluntly, the courier industry association in cooperation with UnionPay, to replace the courier collection of payment, the implementation of this program is still difficult.

new regulations brewing behind the scenes

yuan month, issued the draft, and convened the major courier companies to participate in seminars." Director of a private express enterprise director told reporters.

and a collection of money business regulations, only the State Postal Bureau promulgated the "management measures" express business license second chapter sixth paragraph fifth mentioned "should provide payment collection services to self".

according to the above sources, the draft for the transfer of funds for a detailed description of the requirements of the courier collection requires payment of supervision. The "draft" also suggested to join the express service organization should express enterprise collection margin; express enterprises and businesses try to take the way of transfer payment collection and settlement, reduce the use of cash, to stop the possibility of collecting money run away "from the source.

The so-called

express industry refers to the collection of money, the express industry in order to solve the merchants and buyers in the transaction of funds in the calculation is not convenient, not timely problem for buyers and sellers to avoid non face-to-face transactions caused by credit risk, express enterprise logistics, capital flow and information flow in one set, for businesses to achieve the return of funds trading mode.

in the Express Logistics Advisory Network Principal Consultant Xu Yong, payment collection business, courier industry high speed development of the product, to a certain extent, is convenient for the customer and the business, but because the service span to the financial sector, there is no reasonable regulation, often broke out a problem.

2010, Shenzhen East Logistics Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "DDS express") suddenly collapsed, the reason is that DDS express capital chain rapid expansion, because of misappropriation of COD, tens of millions of dollars of collecting money can not be recovered after the collapse, resulting in a large number of owner dunning, causing the entire industry shocks.

March 2012, jibian stars because of capital chain collapse. According to the company founder Chen Ping said, because the courier company mergers and Feihong management and other issues, resulting in a lot of franchisee misappropriated payment, to accelerate the company’s capital chain collapse, resulting in three > pull clear "

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