2015 the nternet education market the top five trends enter the era of product competition

Abstract: the traditional educational institutions under the line, they start from each stroke to fusion, or become part of online offline education tools or flow into the mouth, and the line or education become the choice of different user item. As for the pure online education institutions, they are also trying to open the line store experience, closer to the consumer.

2015, Internet Education heat unabated. Compared with last year, many venture capital company into madness, internet education, competition products began to enter the fight hand to hand with the era of the shuffle. To the field of capital still flows, the intruder still come in a throng, large companies busy restructuring, small companies rush to grow up, a number of Companies in the rise of a number of companies are falling down…… It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

in Jun visual, internet education market will show five trends:


trend 1: large education companies keen to invest in

March 21st, Shanghai ant net release plan, including the hackerspaces, ants, ants, ants fund cloud school activities, ants and service projects, providing funding, venues, training, social education and talent support for entrepreneurs.

in fact, as early as 2014 Shanghai network (NYSE:XRS) jointly organized by the Internet and the future of the Whampoa  military academy, providing education and training for the education management of Internet entrepreneurs, is said to be gathered. On this basis, the future development of a good future star incubator, innovation factory and other business projects, Shanghai launched the "ant", trying to "only the ideal of education to thousands on thousands of ants", change China education.

Shanghai go is consistent feelings route. Yes, education is about feelings. I do not know a coincidence or deliberate mention ant fund, in the king would immediately think of Ali financial services group "ant gold service", the name of the wonderful dark sigh.

returned to the enterprise itself, as a foreign language learning started the website, Shanghai hopes especially ant ant plans to fund investment in emerging enterprises, realize its ideal platform. On the other hand, over segments of the education market, no company can take. Especially in the uncertain field of Internet education, we are cautious, once the institutions break out, as investors can improve their logical ecological system.

is not only a good future of Shanghai, in terms of investment is more generous, in 2014 the investment projects in more than two digits. Even today’s education business boss NASDAQ:EDU (New Oriental), will also invest in mergers and acquisitions as an important way to bring the enterprise to a new height.

in Jun speculated that there will be a education company into venture capital circles, in the public business, the era of innovation, rich education company, and why there are feelings of self willed, do


trend two: education companies and Internet giants depth integration

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