What is the impact of the development of e commerce in China


e-commerce has penetrated into all areas of our country, have a significant impact on the economy, while the Chinese government also attaches great importance to the electronic commerce, electronic commerce of our country after entering the "12th Five-Year", may usher in a period of explosive growth;, "12th Five-Year" planning proposal, referred to the development of electronic commerce in our country; the cultivation of strategic emerging industries, the development of electronic commerce as the industry focus. The development of e-commerce, accelerate the process of informatization of our country, to solve the serious influence of asymmetric information problems in the development of enterprises so as to! Three flow of logistics, the development of electronic commerce and what is the effect on the


1, change the status of domestic logistics, logistics industry to promote the integration of

survival of the fittest is the rule of market competition, and the continuous development of e-commerce has intensified competition in the market. In 2010, China’s B2B e-commerce transactions amounted to 3 trillion and 800 billion, year by year increase of small and medium enterprises to use e-commerce transaction size reached 2 trillion and 200 billion, 2 trillion and 800 billion, 3 trillion and 280 billion yuan from 2007 to 2009 respectively; such a large volume of transactions has a huge logistics costs, and these costs continue to increase in logistics. These logistics costs are not constant by a company to digest, but by our thousands of logistics companies continue to compete for access to


logistics enterprise strength level is uneven, the service quality also has the very big difference, but many customers in the pursuit of the interests of the premise, there must be some logistics enterprises to exit the stage, competition! A number of competitive enterprises will play a major role in the integration of resources, some of the logistics company will continue to be reorganized in the competition in the process, China’s logistics industry gradually embarked on unfair competition, high-quality logistics companies chase service.

2 forced China’s logistics to enhance its service capabilities, accelerate logistics information

Put forward higher requirements for the development of

electronic commerce makes the enterprise or individual of logistics services, differentiated service requirements, will be more obvious in the development of electronic commerce, logistics enterprises of our country can only improve its service ability, make the logistics become the bottleneck in the development of e-commerce. Such as the Alibaba this year funded the establishment of the logistics warehouse in the country, it is because the logistics development in China has been very slow indeed! And China mining machinery established in the early establishment of the corresponding business logistics platform, to solve various logistics activities related to the business, improve the quality of logistics service strategy.

in most of China’s logistics enterprises are carrying out the construction of informatization based on their traditional business advantages, which makes many construction of logistic enterprise informatization level is uneven, it is difficult to adapt to the economic development of our country! But because of the development of electronic commerce, put forward higher requirements on the comprehensive information, also forced me to logistics enterprises in China on China’s e-commerce development pace, accelerate the process of logistics informatization.

at present, for our modern

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