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now due to the rapid development of the network, the number of households access the Internet becomes more and more huge, according to statistics on the number of Internet China reached more than 200 million, so the personal Internet at home, money is possible, but there are some people really successful, such as the Tencent. It has also attracted a large number of related personnel to join in, according to National Statistics website reached about 800000, of course, for this figure, the successful promotion of your site for a handful of today, website promotion to talk about personal problems in.

how to hundreds of billions of pages in the Internet users have been found and log on to the site, relative to the website is not too difficult to make, a considerable part of the site owners have not realized the importance of it. Some realized after optimization, see spending funds complex, diverse methods will feel at a loss, and a part of the disgusting despicable means of cheating, the Chinese "quality has a larger gap than in other countries, it is no wonder that some experts remind us Chinese users," the quality of walking in the world.

how to improve website traffic, improve the world rankings, improve user rate of return, I talk about personal ideas.

first, adhere to quality first.

first of all to do the preparatory work, the preparation of relevant knowledge, website construction planning, service orientation, object oriented, website promotion, post service and daily maintenance update. The web is not only beautiful appearance, more important is the function is simple and easy to use, can provide accurate and perfect service users, you see Microsoft home page appearance is not fancy, but powerful and practical, so it is the first, and not look impressive but lack real worth.

two, adhere to the original.

The original

will give users a new experience, can fully attract users and join the search engine, increase the return rate, do not use some collection means repeated things online, webmaster want to pay his labor, with their own hard work in exchange for real users.

three, daily maintenance.

"immutable and frozen even if content is again good, see more, there is no attraction, you men see beauty, beautiful woman, a long time also look tired, so webmaster want to regularly update the content, do not think that the pay can enjoy a happy home, earn money, do not believe individual website publicity, the world is no free breakfast. Owners should always be aware of the development of the relevant situation, to grasp the latest information, and to enrich their own website, to keep evergreen, this can make their own website also remain evergreen, wallet can be more and more drum. In short, pay and income is equal.

four, resolutely resist cheating.

there are many online, to enhance the flow of fast ranking rise, e-mail group, QQ group, the forum message, website batch log software, as well as some related websites, this is short-sighted, may have a short time to have some effect, but in the long term this is chronic Dutch act.

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