The 76 experience points of website marketing

website marketing experience, refers to the use of network characteristics, network to provide better experience for customers, improve customer satisfaction, with customers to establish a close and lasting relationship, the following five categories of experience marketing from the network of 76 quantitative site experience marketing experience.

, sensory experience: presented to the user experience on the audio-visual, emphasizing comfort.

1. design style: in line with the aesthetic habits of the target customers, and has a certain degree of guidance.

In the design of

website, it is necessary to define the target customer groups, and analyze the aesthetic preferences of the target customers, so as to determine the overall design style of the website.

2. site LOGO: to ensure the protection of the logo space to ensure that the brand is clearly displayed and does not occupy too much space.

3. page speed: under normal circumstances, try to ensure that the page opens in 5 seconds. If it is a large portal, you must consider the North South interoperability issues, the necessary pressure test.

4. page layout: focus, prioritize, illustrated. Combined with the marketing objectives of the enterprise, the target customers are most interested in, the most sales force information placed in the most important position.

5. page color: with the overall image of the unity of the brand, the main color + auxiliary color is not more than three colors. The color brightness and brightness properly, ensure that the users’ browsing comfort.

6. animation effect: with the main painting face coordination, open speed, moderate animation effects, do not interfere with the main screen browser.

7. page navigation: navigation clear, prominent, clear hierarchy.

8. page size: suitable for most browser browsing (15 inch and 17 inch display).

9. picture display: proportion coordination, not deformation, clear picture. Picture arrangement is neither too dense nor too distant.

10. icon use: simple, clear, easy to understand, accurate, and the overall style of the page unity.

11. advertising: avoid sight interference, advertising images in line with the overall style, to avoid distracting.

12. background music: unity with the overall theme of the site, the file is small, can not interfere with reading. To set the switch button and volume control button.

two, interactive experience: presented to the user experience on the operation, emphasizing ease of use / availability.

13. membership application: a clear member responsibilities, and prompts the user to confirm the terms have been read.

14. member registration: clear and concise. After the successful registration of members, and then detailed information.


15. forms: try to use the drop-down selection, fill in part must be marked to fill in the content, and restrictions on the required fields. (such as mobile phone number, zip code and so on, to avoid.

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