The function of music castrated Ali music a long way to the future

on Ali music, recently saw two news caused me to think:

is the first, everyday sounds, small shrimp music applications start page appeared on October 1st every day sounds out of service, the first Thanksgiving together through the years. ".

second is, Ali launched the A round of music financing, Gao Xiaosong left Ali planet".

I can not help but think Ali has been ambitious to build the "Pan entertainment ecosystem". Ali in the layout of the pan entertainment, not only related to the game, literature, film and television and other fields, and even Ali music has also become a Ali planet such a pan entertainment platform.

but what is the real "music" spirit of Ali’s music?

last March, small shrimp music and everyday sounds complicated, formally incorporated into the "Pan music team" Ali Ali planet, in addition to the basic function of play an important role, the platform also gathered several artists, fans and businesses. Ali and planet do business, and music, and a fan of the economy, and the star product, to create a "northeast chaos stew" platform.

and from the location of the phenomenon is not clear on the vision of Ali music is not the core competitiveness. If Ali planet is China’s largest pan entertainment trading platform, then it has brought the most complex business model may be the history of Pan entertainment. Through the music of Ali (ALI planet) APP products, we see only the product function is a collection of friends, live, music player, business, business model is a Alibaba, Ali Mama, Taobao qunying. How a "mess" it.


at the end of last year experienced the most stringent copyright order ", as the two pillars of Ali music — small shrimp music and everyday sounds, the song line is the most serious. Small shrimp music library is almost empty, including Jay Chou, Jolin, JJ Lin, Christine Fan and a series of big songs are off the shelf. Everyday sounds are like small shrimp music, due to lack of copyright reserves before this, the everyday sounds also suffered a huge number of songs off the shelf. The same is to do music NetEase cloud music, QQ music and less affected by the impact.

Ali music is really missing is the spirit of music, copyright is low, the lack of reserves has become Ali’s music. It’s never too late "or this will be Ali music start a A round of financing the real reason.

recently, Ali Gao Xiaosong left the music, the hand to create Ali planet outlook is unknown, and Ali planet semi-finished products directly ruined the brand TTPOD music player.

Ali music player’s function is gradually being castrated, the user will become a victim of the trading platform.

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