Half of the United States paralyzed the network to allow Chinese companies responsible This informat

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according to people.com.cn news, local time on October 21st, a large-scale Internet began in the eastern half of the United States. Across the network, including twitter, Spotify and other New York Times website platform was hacked.

days ago, domestic science and technology website TECH2IPO/ quoted the original foreign website KerbsonSecurity survey said, a total of more than one million Taiwan networking equipment is led to the "paralysis" of the media. According to the company’s security data show that these devices, mostly China’s male Mai technology production equipment. The company produced the camera module is a lot of network cameras, DVR solutions manufacturers, a large number of sales in the United states.

The culprit

even paralyzed events has not yet been identified, but the KerbsonSecurity website has suggested China enterprises responsible for this event.

in this regard, the "daily economic news" reporter in October 24th to Fuyang Silicon Valley is located in Zhejiang town Hangzhou winwinmax Information Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "winwinmax information") headquarters interview of the marketing department responsible person told reporters that the company has announced the recall of related products, at the same time through the company’s official WeChat published corresponding explanation.

enterprise has been suggested as a "paralysis" event for

previously, Phoenix technology also quoted foreign media reports pointed out that the male Mai products have a default password strength is not high security flaws, which is part of the cause of the massive Internet paralysis on Friday last week.

Phoenix reported citing security researchers, called Mirai malicious files, has been using "defect winwinmax" products, the injection of malicious code, and use them to launch a large-scale distributed denial of service attack.

The culprit

even paralyzed events has not yet been identified, but the U.S. website KerbsonSecurity believes that "winwinmax technology" and other production module is beyond repair, these devices are only broken network attacks will stop. Even if the culprit paralysis of the incident has not yet been identified, but the KerbsonSecurity has advised manufacturers to recall these security range in the global scope of products, and be responsible for the incident.

is proposed to be responsible for half of the United States paralyzed in the parties did not appear in the full title of the article, but it seems to point to the information. According to the winwinmax information display, the company was established in 2008, 2014 by the Hangzhou headquarters moved to Fuyang city Binjiang District District Silver innovation center. Reporters noted that the high-tech enterprises in Fuyang district as the introduction of the winwinmax information occupy fox Innovation Center No. 9 whole floor building, which is around the Fuyang economic and Technological Development zone.

information also shows that the total number of its staff of nearly 2000 people, R & D personnel of more than and 300 people. The company’s main business for security monitoring, video intelligent autonomy

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