SEC accused of favorable CEO before engaging in insider trading illegal profits 2 million yuan

[TechWeb] reported on November 11th news, according to Reuters, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charged two China nationals suspected of insider trading, illegal profit of $300 thousand.


SEC accused the favorable CEO before engaging in insider trading illegal profits 2 million yuan

Manhattan Federal Court released on Tuesday, according to court documents, the two suspects were China, favorable net ( before the site administrator Zhou Zhichen (Zhichen, Zhou) and the company’s former CEO Liu Yannan. They are suspected of insider trading in shares of MedAssets and Chindex international inc..

MedAssets’s acquisition of private Holdings Company PamlonaCapital Management for $2 billion 750 million in early November, and the acquisition of Chindex international company in February 2014 for $369 million including TPG investment group, private Holdings Company, involved Liu Yannan worked in TPG. At the same time, Liu Yannan and Zhou Zhichen’s cousin relationship.

said the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Zhou Zhichen used the insider illegal profit of $307 thousand (about 2 million yuan).

, U.S. district judge should SEC request, ordered the United States will be frozen in the accounts of $1 million 230 thousand on.

it is understood that the favorable network was established in 2012, the team members are mainly from large state-owned commercial banks, joint-stock banks and other financial institutions as well as domestic and international first-class Internet companies. Favorable site by Beijing Hong and Robert operation of financial information services limited liability company. Advantageously, recommended financial projects based on micro lending between individuals. (open air)

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