To squeeze into the online broadcast market entrepreneurs should pay attention to these three indust

Abstract: Although the online broadcast industry seems to be booming, but a considerable number of enterprises have been doomed to no tomorrow, the industry has become the highlight of the three major turning points, most companies are difficult to support the past.


Internet industry has always been the lack of follow the trend, from the year to buy a hundred regiments war to the later O2O entrepreneurial boom, a business model once the inevitable trend of imitation. The market saturation, competition pure become capital of the dispute, then capital Duanliang, an industry collapsed, only a few companies can There remained but a single one. coming to the last.

recently, although the online broadcast industry seems to be booming, but quite a number of companies have been doomed to no tomorrow, the industry has become the three major turning point, most companies are difficult to support the past.

: a big turning platform reached the market vertical live chance

in quite a long time, broadcast platform is the vertical platform of the world, both the TV and the panda Betta as the representative of the game broadcast platform, or with six rooms, 9158 as the representative of beauty video broadcast platform. In the field of vertical subdivision, you can quickly get a higher user stickiness, access to market opportunities.

but with the development of the mobile Internet, the platform has been gradually transferred to the large platform.

reason is very simple, only through the establishment of an integrated platform to achieve sustained and rapid growth of the user, the user to establish a competitive advantage of the entire industry barriers. This is the game started many live broadcast platform although repeatedly traced to pornographic content, but the main reason is still determined to go live platform.

The so-called

platform, on the one hand refers to the properties for the integrated platform, different segments of the population here can find the right anchor, such as the recent guest artist will reflect the media into the platform, improve the product breadth of audience; and on the other hand refers to the platform of large volume, can provide the required for its development and fame as the "Red Net", and there is a depth bound with fans of the tool, this week launched by Tencent, sina NOW and micro-blog launched a "live" as the main representative.

obviously, the latter to innate users and traffic advantage is further eroded the living space, the long rumored news to reflect off the Tencent investment Tencent to launch NOW and get a negative news, the giants to build large broadcast platform trend has been very obvious.

In addition

, with sina micro-blog reached the mobile broadcast market, means that sina micro-blog had accumulated large fans and V attention can be directly moved to the broadcast platform, also has a multiplier effect.

turn two: the battle for the first celebrity more white hot

in essence, the live broadcast is a form of red net contribution through live broadcast. Therefore, the competition is bound to upgrade the broadcast platform for the quality of the competition, only

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