Junior high school graduates to become a member of the SEO website to promote the whole process of r

Qin Zuowang was born in the village of Guangxi through his efforts the boy graduated from junior high school to enter the city milkman to become SEO site research and extension service team! At present, founded 85688 shopping network, 85688 website promotion center, set up a love Chardonnay clothing Limited company, founded the country’s biggest network of interpersonal relationship

came to the city:

came to not far from his home in Guangxi City, Liuzhou, to the station in front of the scene, huge crowds of people, wearing five six, out of the station was only 24 yuan! I have relatives and friends to find work in the city, temporarily have a place to stay! The second day began to go out looking for a job, but not so good at his likeness, see the recruitment information is required to do workers, regardless of is the director or facade, and companies! He was born timid, not tall thin skinned, see too many people together are afraid of looking for a day of work, walk 3/1 area of the city, and does not know the way, did not find the right, back to the residential area, told relatives so that I can find you a no technology, and do not know what to do work! Quite difficult, asked me to find some delivery work, others do not do the workers too small." the second day of a move to see send gas work, there is only an old man in the office, but was afraid to go in, think of themselves in order to survive, or take courage into words, but learn to fear to speak!

for more than and 10 days in the town, the foot has not just as strong, casually walked! This time I have no sense of how much physical and looking down, perhaps fate. On this day, in a health administrator and chat, talk too hard to find a job, a middle-aged man is on the toilet, he said, want to find a job, the afternoon you to XX North bird road there. Recruit a milkman, a 600 yuan / month, heard the news, anxious to go to the address, almost forgot thanked the middle-aged man! "

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