Analysis of the maximum benefit of the market activity by sending money

now thousands on thousands of sites may the most headaches is the promotion, do not know how to do a website promotion, other activities market effect is very good, it is then when their fame and fortune; imitate other website to do activities, the result is that the largest fail on the verge of success, just like the B2C shop platform, just entered the market itself eager to come hastily in the sea of beautiful appearance, so they began to organize various activities, but the final effect are not satisfactory, but today I would like to talk about how to make online activities to maximize market.

today does not speak his theory of practical examples and share my experience, I started my shop "the B2C shop platform when 07 years, as anxious to do a lot of things wrong, they often hold all kinds of activities at that time, every time is not ideal, only their own satisfaction and last year Tencent TenPay cooperation, to" my shop "one hundred thousand QQ pop, the activity can be described as" a glorious moment in my shop ", the daily amount of registration and registration of Taobao is about the same, then I will have to reflect on and then I draw the conclusion.

1, do you really understand what the user needs?

is now a lot of activities are wishful thinking, is to feel this activity is very perfect, the gift is very attractive, but the real market, but did not arouse many ripples, because he is not really understand the user, I’ve often have this problem, after several failures I realized, as the registration now I do the ritual activities before, had wanted to learn 360 send a couple of U disk, then I conducted a survey in the members of our group, we found most love QQ coins and prepaid card, and the activities of a push out immediately acquire our membership and welcome users, registered amount is this is really soared, with confidence, not fire is difficult.

2, do not have a good platform to do activities

this is too much fame on those new sites and not the website, if you want to be famous, you spend money to good platform to do activities, if you do not want to spend money on their websites, few people know the dead. Now is the wine is also afraid of deep alley society.

activities should be simple, fun stronger

a lot of activities get complicated, users see the first big, you said he would participate. So when we do the simple grasp this principle must be more simple, more members will participate, just like now I just do a registered send QQ dollars, as long as you register as our member you have the opportunity to get qq COINS, so simple, let members feel very relaxed.

There is

activity to be fun, if you feel very uncomfortable users to participate in activities, more attractive gift is not a lot of people to participate, actually a lot of users to participate in the activities is to have fun at the event, the "

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