The 5 most popular website promotion methods in Olympic Games

this article mainly for personal or small sites, large sites can rely on burn promotion, not within the scope of the discussion. In the promotion of low cost principle to achieve the site, traffic soared! Either a personal or corporate website, investment of several hundred or thousands of yuan to do the site, if you do not do the promotion may never know, no one looked at the site is equal to no value for IP

importance of a website is self-evident.

method: search engine

can not deny the importance of search engine in website promotion is still the first, the new website can login free catalogue, search engine, web site to let more people know your site, such as Baidu, Google, hao123, Amazon classification. Included is the most basic premise, and then through the SEO optimization, increase the value of PR to more traffic. Enterprise station or e-commerce website can do the bidding ranking, can get twice the result with half the effort. Disadvantages: relatively passive, once the K words……

method two: swap links

exchange Links as we all know, the traditional way is to find some related websites and their content, contact each other webmaster in exchange for logo links, but many old station early links are not willing to swap with you…… In fact, there is a method called "self-help chain", that is through the third party platform between multiple sites by clicking on the exchange of visits or popups. Once you click or pop up on another site, your site will get the same amount of access. Join self-help chain not only bring lasting traffic, and in the early site, you can search included strength, because the self-help chain itself PR is usually high, you can also join after you ascend certain PR value, has a very important effect on the search ranking will. The advantages of the domestic chain ( is more mature and more professional point, we can find out, I love to read the book is through this method Pr rose to 3 in the next two months.

method three: post promotion

if you are not afraid of hard work, you can use this method. Prepare a website on your web site and logo, to Sohu, Sina, Baidu and other big Post Bar! What? 08 years so soil propaganda!? well, if your writing level is high enough, you can write an article on the website of the soft to the outsider’s perspective (AD) sent to the relevant forum or Post Bar, chances are removed will be much smaller, and write good words have the chance to be other websites, (not write if you can find me, ha ha *_*) like Sohu, Sina, QQ in 163, the news comments can also send, the benefits are not registered ID can send anonymous. If you don’t have too much trouble, Baidu knows, Yahoo Sina asked knowledge hall, don’t pull down. Disadvantages: to register a number of ID, the risk of being closed

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