5 takeaway APP experience Baidu takeaway the most affordable but poor service

TechWeb August 27th report text / Wang Meng

city life more and more busy, more people need to point out, so in many takeaway APP, which is more favorable, the fastest delivery, best service?

in order to answer these questions, the author spent a week time, experienced 5 takeaway APP – mission takeaway, public comment takeaway, Baidu takeaway, hungry and word-of-mouth takeaway (once called Amoy).

the following content is purely personal experience, if there is the same, are fate.

preferential efforts to compare Baidu takeaway more favorable

from the point of view of preferential treatment, in the United States to buy a single takeaway to enjoy a full 25 minus the discount of 8. The original price of 32 orders, minus $8, plus a delivery fee of $2, the final cost of 26 yuan.

public comment takeaway has a new user to reduce the 10 yuan discount, but because it is not a new user, so this single did not enjoy any discount, spend $24.

Baidu takeaway while enjoying a new user to set down 5 yuan, a discount of $19, plus a delivery fee of $4, the final single price of 25 yuan package, only spend $5.

hungry then enjoy a full 25 minus $9 discount, plus delivery costs $1, and ultimately this single price of 25 takeaway cost $15.

word of mouth takeaway is 20 yuan less than $4, full of $15 to send fruit juice, because of the takeaway is only $17, so only to get a jar of juice, the original price of 17 yuan, the actual pay of $17.

preferential efforts, Baidu takeaway preferential efforts should be the largest.


delivery time hungry the fastest

in order to compare the fairness of the choice of the 5 takeaway are based in Wuhan Han Street headquarters B International Center, around the 2km within the scope of the business. In order to pick up a single business time points, to take off for the cut-off time to consider, 5 takeaway when the situation is as follows:

United States take away 96 minutes; public comment on the use of the time taken for 95 minutes; word of mouth to take away when used for 52 minutes; Baidu takeaway for about 50 minutes; hungry for about 32 minutes.


food integrity compared to the United States to take out the worst

takeaway requirements fast, speed is prone to a variety of problems. In addition to taking into account the speed, the integrity of the food packaging (with or without oil leakage, damage), whether or not tableware is considered. Here need to mention is that the point of public comment takeaway is hungry to be responsible for providing after-sales service, so from the point of view of the public comment on the takeaway list, write the name of hungry.

on the 5 takeaway

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