Ma Yun Shi Yuzhu spent 6 billion 500 million yuan stake in China Media


technology news April 8th afternoon news, China media today in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange announcement that Ma Yun, Shi Yuzhu invested 6 billion 536 million yuan to subscribe China media non-public offering of shares 286671000 shares, accounting for 20% of the total number of shares of China media after the completion of this offering.

said the announcement, according to the calculation of the issue price of 22.80 yuan / share, the number of Chinese media, the number of non-public offering of shares to 286671000 shares, are paid by way of cash.

After the completion of the

subscription, the actual control of investment by Ma and Shi Yuzhu Yunxi has the right to nominate two candidates for non independent directors.

changes in equity, the controlling shareholder of China media is China Digital TV Media Group Limited, the actual controller is still Hangzhou cultural radio and television group, the controlling shareholder of China media and the actual controller has not changed.


announcement also said that after the completion of the subscription, China media will continue to maintain the independence of assets, personnel independence, financial independence, operational independence and independent institutions.

Alibaba today also announced a strategic partnership with China group, the two sides will through the platform, business, resources and technology all-round cooperation and jointly participate in the original content, video messaging, games, music, education, cloud computing, big data and other areas of the layout and acquisitions, and to expand the culture media in the chain.

data show that the number of China group is by Hangzhou media group, Zhejiang radio and television group, invested a large state-owned cultural media industry group. In the new media industry, the number of China Group’s holdings of Listed Companies in China media Cmi Holdings Ltd has millions of hours of digital media content library, tens of millions of Internet TV terminal, new media full operating license. In the new network area, the number of China group as the cable TV network in Zhejiang Province, a provincial network development subject, with Zhejiang province’s 15 million cable TV users; while holding the restructuring CCN, covering 5 million users in 18 city Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong, Heilongjiang, Hebei Province, to build the country’s largest cable network with 20 million users. Extended reading:

(Xiao Ran) reached a strategic cooperation with China group group Alibaba

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