The nternet entered the era of mass a bonanza called QQ

with the increase of Internet users and the various levels of Internet users increases, Chinese Internet began the transition from the "Internet era elite" to "popular era": outside of a second tier city, Internet users will become the absolute mainstream Internet users Chinese or from the number.

QQ users and the number of active surge illustrates this point. Relative to the Internet elite like Sina micro-blog, Renren this copy of the social network from the United States, the public Internet users love QQ, QQ space, Tencent micro-blog.

a liter (QQ, QQ space, Tencent, micro-blog), a drop (Sina micro-blog, Renren, Kaixin), which is the origin of China’s Internet mainstream crowd changes.


had, in the "Internet marketing elite" era, micro-blog has created numerous social network marketing legend, as well as many so rich millionaires. With the passing of Chinese Internet Internet elite "era, before the way to get rich is no longer feasible, but Chinese growth has not slowed down the Internet, mobile Internet is rapidly rising, but the opportunity to transfer, transfer to the number of more and more Internet consumer can outside the Internet elite users ordinary Internet users.

According to

July 29th, Taobao released the "county development report" shows that online shopping, online shopping consumer spending per capita is higher than the county, a second tier city Internet users, in fact this is not surprising: the Internet elite never Chinese Internet’s main consumer groups, Dazhong people is, from the previous game until now online shopping.

and now this "public Internet" is contained in the ore, under the Tencent social networking tools and social networking platform, QQ, QQ, Tencent, micro-blog space… . in the case of, with the help of QQ Internet mass users diversion, traffic and users have been site is obvious, the overall flow increased 23%, the total number of users increased by 14%, the new registered users through QQ website login number up to 43%, mobile phone new registered users increased by 30%, certified space the number of fans jumped to 4 million 220 thousand. Thus, QQ is easy to form a strong chain of friends reputation, this bonanza has great imagination.

how to dig

to take the Internet as a network of rich ore, gold, should have a relationship with the occurrence of "determination. However, we should have a strategy, in line with the trend of the dig to dig more gold, a new era of rich soil China "mass" era of the internet.

first, with the spread of the virus before micro-blog that a Tencent in the social network effect is relatively general, Tencent because of the use of social networking tools are not used to eat lots of users, news and information from this platform, they interact with friends, classmates, work partners and strong social relationships in this platform, so the social net > QQ build

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