Global blog over seventy million Chinese row of third

The United States of San Francisco

, an Internet research company, published a report recently, carefully analyzed the current global blog phenomenon continues to boom, and named Japanese is "the most love blogging nation".

2 seconds 3 blog

, which is based on Technorati’s blog search company, said in the report that it has been less than 5 years since the date of the blog and the blog culture has blossomed around the world. The number of bloggers in March 2005 is only 8 million, but by the end of the month, this figure rose to 72 million. Now the average daily increase of 120 thousand new blog, that is, every two seconds to add a new 3; and the average of 05 years in March to increase the number of data per day is still a big difference between the 25 thousand. Many in this blog, the blog continues to lead the Japanese, at a rate of 37% to become the largest number of blogs, followed by English blog, and the arrangement of third is the rapid development of the Chinese blog. In addition, the number of blog articles are also increasing, the number of statistics last month reached 1 million 400 thousand, while in the number of only 500 thousand in March.

not only in addition to the language of the blog continues to flourish, the number of other languages blog is also rising. The company’s report also showed that the number of bloggers in Persian is showing rising trend, is now the most popular blog 10 languages list, this is mainly due to the increasing popularity of blog culture in Iran. According to the statistics of a company in Hongkong, only the number of Chinese blog has reached 40 million.

blog growth slowed

since October 2006, however, researchers have found that the rate of growth has slowed, and one reason is that the overall number of blogs is already huge. "It shouldn’t surprise people because we’re dealing with a lot of numbers," said Dave, founder of Technorati. It is much more difficult to grow from 35 million to twice the number of blogs from to more than $10 million from the blog. The former took about 320 days, while the latter took about 180 days."

in addition, the blog article update growth rate is relatively slow, but does not rule out the occurrence of a major event occurs when the number of blog articles surge. Dave said sivri said: "Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon last summer conflict, the number of articles on the blog once reached the peak.

There are also

statistics omissions

but according to relevant sources, due to the differences between the global network of Blog Tools and technology, it is difficult to accurately track the growth in the number of blogs. But due to some technical reasons, is likely to miss the number of countries of the blog, such as the Technorati company will not use the popular French sky blog platform (Skyblog platform) user statistics. However, they also said that Technorati company

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