Network promotion focus on brand building to enhance user participation is the purpose

was defined as a lot of stationmaster network promotion, enhance the site weight and ranking, promotion on the Internet exposure rate, in order to get more traffic, of course, this is not wrong, but I think these are just a by-product of the website promotion process, and the final purpose, should be the site build brand website the user can, broad participation, and regard themselves as a part of the site development, which is the ultimate objective of website promotion!

webmasters may not too understand, now SEO optimization, network marketing is not to enhance the site’s ranking, the use of search engines to get a lot of traffic, so to get more profit? But if you take a closer look at those who can really get huge profits, to attract venture capital, and how much depends on the search engine? More is to rely on the site’s own brand, because rely on search engines, there is no way to keep for a long time, today the keywords ranking maybe you came in the first page, but after a few days, you will find that your competitors are beyond you, if you just put the main focus on the game and competition the opponent, rather than on the website of its own brand building, then let the website become have the order reversed!

so how can we do the promotion of the site? How can we build the website brand? And how to allow users to actively participate in it? I think we can start from the following places!

: SEO and

both PPC optimization

wrote here, may be a lot of readers believe that this is not their own slap in the face of it? Not to say that the site is not aimed at promoting the search engine? That I think you misunderstood the original intent of the pen, not for the purpose of promotion of search engines, but need to use search engines to reach the ultimate goal, want to build the brand of the site, the site in the search engine ranking, must not be on page second, at least on the first page, so that it can give users do you think the site is better, the search engine can be recommended on the home page, will attract users to your site, so in the website operation period, SEO should be two pronged approach to optimization and bidding!

two: integrated marketing online and offline, do a good job of reputation building

website brand building success, is an important symbol of the reputation is good, if a site’s ranking in Baidu’s home page, but by many users think is garbage sites, reputation is not good, then how can not form the brand effect, but also need development from two aspects one is, from the publicity, through a variety of implantable soft, using a variety of media online, offline for marketing, the marketing scope according to the site types tend to develop, if it is a portal, then the scope will be wide, investment will be greater, if it is the local site, then the corresponding range should focus on the local, so that the investment will be relatively low! However, as far as possible to cover their web site type >

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