Talk about the local site effect is relatively good website free promotion method

to be honest do have half a year, before just from some online learning some simple promotion methods. The feeling is not very good, and the opportunity to find my site is not a lot of customers. So this year, people have to re do a website, and began to do some of their own promotion. Promotion to 3 months on the access to tens of thousands of profits, today, I share some of the promotion methods and we also hope that we can give some good suggestions:

a classification of Information Promotion Law: we all know that free promotion of classified information website is one of the ways to promote the site. But a lot of promotion is just to promote a period of time will not send information, and other promotion is a cumulative process. And we are going to choose some of the top ranking in Baidu better classification information website to send information and update information regularly. And then often in the search for their own hair on the ranking of the information, if the site is ranked well before the, we can promote this way to look at the promotion.

two, news attract Law: do the site, no flow how to do, how to let everyone to pay attention to your site. Or let everyone look at your website for publicity. My seven rainbow etiquette website is often made some very timely social news in QQ group let everybody first time to understand, so that everyone in the news of the same time your website also do free advertising. Shoot two hawks with one arrow.

three, yellow pages quality promotion method: this method is better, now some Yellow Pages free registration and free information, we can put their company’s content and business information on the web pages, and regularly send some information, over a period of time you will find information on Baidu ranking is in front.

four, the blog promotion law: we can register some blog, I blog there are hundreds of people to Sina and website and domestic famous website I have no account, send some information and soft content. Or comment on some current so that more attention to your blog. Of course, it is easy to say that the key lies in the promotion of the time we can stick to it.

five, video promotion method: we can put some of his own activities, with a video camera. And spread to a number of well-known video sites such as Youku 56 sina. Rankings are very forward. We tried a few to know.

finally that sentence, God helps those who help themselves. There is a return to pay the site promotion is a cumulative process. More than the promotion of the hope that some of you have some help in the promotion. Reproduced please specify

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