The world’s largest BT seed site Pirate Bay founder jailed

April 17th news, according to Bloomberg, the Swedish court 17 to copyright infringement judgment of well-known BT sharing website the Pirate Bay (Pirate Bay) four men sentenced to a year, and to all the copyright infringement media company for $3 million 600 thousand. Four defendants said they would appeal.

April 17th, Stockholm, a local court to help users illegally download movies and music online on the grounds that the four founders of the Pirate Bay, sentenced Frederic · (Fredrik Neij); Nigel, Gottfried Sutter · Holm · Wagner (Gottfrid Svartholm Warg), Peter · Sander · Kerr Miso P (Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi) Carle and · (Carl Lundstroem) – trum imprisonment for one year, and to all the copyright infringement media company for $3 million 600 thousand. The compensation amount of $3 million 600 thousand is much lower than the $more than 100 million demanded by the plaintiff’s media company.

‘s verdict highlights the media companies’ rights to copyrighted movies, music and games. However, as one of the defendants Kerr Miso P said: "we found guilty, it is really quite amazing, they can also be fined US $one hundred million, which we can not because of no great importance, make compensation."

international record industry association (IFPI) said that the Pirate Bay is the world’s largest BT seed sharing site, which allows users to download and share software in 34 languages for free. In February, the pirate bay also reached 22 million online users. Pirate Bay side said that the Pirate Bay site is only for users to share content between each index, and does not involve copyright infringement content. It is reported that the court did not decide to close the Pirate Bay site, users are still able to share and download site resources.

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