News chinanews com black appeared on the website to make money on the back

A5 webmaster network June 3rd news: tonight, friends broke the news portal China News Network was hacked. By visiting the website ( found that the site can not be opened, "appeared on the" money to back ", with the name, bank card number and QQ number. Mobile terminal can not log on. View the QQ data, the QQ said he was framed. The real attacker.

is a black screen

qq information screenshot

as of press time, China news network has returned to normal. It is understood that China News Network (China Network) hosted by the China News service. China News Agency is the first Chinese Internet media in asia. In 1995 in Hongkong. In January 1, 1999, China News Agency, Beijing head office opened Beijing News Agency is known as the original news, with traditional and simplified version, is the central focus, authority of network media.

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